E-commerce envelopes

With return option

The flexible gusset pockets for e‑commerce are equipped with a red tear-off thread for easy opening and a second cover strip for return shipment.
With the new flexible bottom, the block bottom automatically sets itself up during filling and adapts automatically to the size of the product.
E‑commerce gussets are available as block-bottom gussets,
v-bottom gussets and as mailing bags.

Paper quality: Extremely stable kraftliner paper of 135 gsm.

We make them in the dimensions of your choice and they are also available in these standard dimensions which are on stock:

- 200 x 300 x 50 mm

- 250 x 353 x 50 mm

- 250 x 430 x 80 mm

- 320 x 430 x 80 mm

For products produced for order we offer flexo print up to 3 colours.